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Retractable bollards offer a dynamic solution for controlling access and enhancing security across various settings. These versatile bollards are available in semi-automatic and fully automatic configurations, allowing for easy operation and integration into existing security systems. Designed to secure, restrict, and protect spaces, retractable bollards are ideal for both temporary and permanent access control. Whether it’s safeguarding pedestrian zones, managing vehicle access in commercial spaces, or securing sensitive areas, these bollards retract flush to the ground, providing unobtrusive yet robust barriers when needed. Their sleek design and operational flexibility make them an essential tool for modern security management.

Manual Retractable RT4536SS


Manual retractable bollards provide a cost-effective and straightforward solution for access control and area protection. These bollards are easily operated by hand, making them suitable for locations where frequent changes in access are required. Durable and low-maintenance, manual retractable bollards offer reliable security with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment.

Semi-Automatic Bollard SOLUTIONS

Semi-automatic retractable bollards combine convenience with robust security, ideal for areas needing regular but controlled vehicle access. They are activated by a simple key mechanism, eliminating the need for electrical power while ensuring quick and easy operation. This makes them perfect for both commercial and private spaces where intermediate security levels are necessary.

Semi Automatic SA275 500
Automatic Anti Terrorism AE275 K4 900


Automatic retractable bollards offer the highest level of convenience and security for controlling access to sensitive or high-traffic areas. Operated via electronic mechanisms, they can be seamlessly integrated into broader security systems and controlled remotely, ensuring swift and efficient regulation of vehicle and pedestrian flow. Their reliability and advanced technology make them an indispensable asset for modern security needs.