Automatic Retractable Bollards

Automatic Retractable Bollards provide the best of both worlds, with ultra-convenient retractable and telescopic security bollards that are equally as resilient as the rest of the product line. ännTTM retractable bollards are easily integrated into any perimeter security system, and have proven to be the most dependable automatic bollards on the market. Automatic bollards from ännTTM also boast the shallowest installation depth in the industry–further separating ännTTM from competitors.

Quick Access Control

Automatic retractable bollards make it easy to control access. They have a simple mechanism that lets them go up and down. Operation of the retractable bollard system is easy, as they can be raised and lowered by push button, RFID, keypad, key fob, or even via a cellphone. When they are up, they create a clear barrier to stop vehicles, helping with security and traffic control.

These retractable bollards are great for places where access changes a lot. You don’t have to move and store them like removable bollards. They work quickly and easily, making them perfect for places where access needs change many times a day or week.

High-Quality 316 Stainless Steel

Made from 316 grade stainless steel to resist rust in tough outdoor places. This strong material lasts a long time, even in salty areas like coastal cities or places using de-icing chemicals. To make them even better, the bollards can be powder-coated for extra protection, better looks, or higher visibility. You can also add lights or reflective strips to help people see them in the dark.

Alternative Mounting Options

The 275 series bollards can be either fixed or removable. If you don’t need the telescoping feature, our sales team can help you pick the best mounting option.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing and maintaining retractable bollards properly is very important for their long life. The bases must be firmly set into the ground to hold the bollard body. Regular maintenance, like cleaning and oiling the moving parts and clearing out any debris from the bases, is needed for them to work well.


Proper drainage is very important for retractable bollards to work well for a long time. Water collecting in the bases can cause them to wear out faster and even rust, which can damage their look and how they work. In freezing temperatures, water can freeze and cause big problems. Talk to an engineer for drainage solutions for your location, and check the Installation Instructions for detailed guidance.