Fixed bollards

ANNT’s fixed bollards stand as the cornerstone of uncompromised security and architectural integration, offering robust protection against vehicular threats in sensitive and high-traffic areas. Engineered for permanence and certified crash-tested resilience, they seamlessly blend into urban landscapes, safeguarding everything from government buildings and commercial spaces to pedestrian zones and historical sites.

FXSF275K4 900 product image

Shallow Mounted Solutions

The shallow mounted bollards have been designed and built for installations with shallow mounted requirements or in presence of underground utilities. The “SF” (shallow foundation) acronym identifies the slimmest laying depth of the entire range. Ideal for sites with underground parking lots.


We offer M30 and M50 crash tested solutions. Ideal for Research Centers, Embassies, Police Headquarters, Military Bases, Ministerial Buildings Sites in Sensitive Areas. These crash-tested bollards have been certified by the ASTM.

FB275 M30 1000 product image


ASTM standard test method for perimeter barriers designates C40 as the rating for a barrier that stops a 1,100 kg vehicle moving at 64 Km/h. It is tested with a compact-car equivalent test vehicle. Many parking lots have curbs, speed bumps, or parking stops and are generally busy. In these conditions, the average vehicle speed is slow. The installation of C40 bollards, will generally be enough to stop accidents caused by driver inattention, medical issue, or pedal confusion. ännTTM C40 bollards are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada.

comparing the S20 bollard to the C40 bollard in a crash test. The S20 failed and the C40 passed.
K-rated fixed bollard - rating K4


The ännt K-rated series comes in K4 and K12 ratings. These bollards are ideal for Research Centers, Embassies, Police Headquarters, Military Bases, Ministerial Buildings Sites in Sensitive Areas. These items are designed to ensure anti-terrorism defense, and must be cemented into the ground at a depth that meets the standards of breakout resistance.

At ännt, we deliver comprehensive security solutions that combine strength, durability, and design elegance. Our bollards are shipped complete with Rebar, Civil Engineering plans (excluding concrete), Core Steel, and an attractive 316L stainless steel cover. Designed for rapid installation, our anti-ram bollards ensure immediate protection for your premises, offering peace of mind with minimal delay.

ännt prides itself on a legacy of innovation and excellence, evident in our products’ selection for high-profile security tasks, such as those undertaken at significant international events. Our cutting-edge technology and commitment to aesthetic integration provide the foundation for creating safe, secure environments without compromising visual appeal.

The ännt Advantage encapsulates over a quarter-century of leadership in providing top-tier security barrier solutions. As your comprehensive source, we specialize in the design, manufacturing, and provision of K-rated bollards, alongside complete perimeter protection systems, offering unparalleled customization options for unique security challenges. From shallow bollards to custom gate solutions, ännt ensures your specific security needs are met with expertise and precision.

Our suite of crash-tested K-rated bollards are supported by industry-leading customer service. The ännt team is dedicated to assisting you at every step—from pre-purchase consultations to post-installation support—to guarantee your total satisfaction with your security investments.

We invite you to explore our extensive range of design resources, providing detailed insights into our crash-rated bollards and comprehensive lineup of vehicle barrier systems.

For more information on our crash-rated solutions, including removable and shallow mount bollards, contact us today. As your premier provider of security perimeter solutions, ännt is committed to fulfilling all your safety requirements with unmatched quality and service.