ännTTM is a leading provider of advanced security solutions, including retractable bollards, semi-automatic bollards, and fully automatic bollards, focused on enhancing collaborations with security specifiers. We streamline the specifier processes by consolidating all necessary tools and resources to specify crash-rated products in one accessible location. Our detailed installation drawings and comprehensive documentation facilitate a straightforward and efficient specification process. These precise resources ensure that our products are installed correctly, adhering to the highest security standards.

Furthermore, we offer versatile CAD files to assist in the creation of 3D models, enabling specifiers to effectively integrate our security bollards into their projects while meeting all required specifications. ännTTM also provides dedicated technical support, offering expert advice and guidance on product selection and installation to ensure specifiers can confidently choose the best solutions for their specific needs.

AtännTTM, we are committed to supporting security specifiers by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and expert assistance. Our goal is to build strong relationships with specifiers to guarantee that our security products are specified accurately and implemented with the utmost quality and performance.