C40 Fixed Bollard
C40 Fixed Bollard

Ensuring the safety of storefronts is of paramount importance in today’s world, where vehicle accidents pose significant risks to employees, customers, and valuable assets. With a variety of crash-rated bollards available on the market, it’s crucial to choose the most effective and reliable solution. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using C40 bollards over S20 bollards, highlighting the superior protection and advantages provided by the C40.

Superior Protection

The C40 bollard, proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada by ANNT Bollards, offers a cost- effective solution for storefront protection. It exceeds the ASTM F2656-P1 standard and has been awarded SC40-P1 certification. In contrast, the S20 bollard is also crash-certified but lacks the same level of effectiveness when compared to the C40.

Uncompromising Safety Standards

The C40 bollard sets a high bar for safety, being tested and certified to ASTM F2656-20 standards with an impact condition designation of SC40. It has undergone rigorous testing by Calspan Corporation and is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
On the other hand, the S20 bollard meets ASTM F3016, PAS 68, and IWA 14 certifications but falls short in terms of the level of protection provided.

Superior Vehicle Stopping Power

The most significant differentiator between the C40 and S20 bollards is their ability to stop vehicles. The C40 bollard is engineered to halt a 1,100 kg (2,340 lb) vehicle moving at 64 km/h (40 mph), effectively bringing it to a complete stop. This ensures maximum protection for storefronts and mitigates the risk of property damage, injuries, and loss of life. In contrast, the S20 bollard, although crash-certified, has a much smaller foundation, which upon impact causes the bollard to rotate almost 45 degrees off vertical and acts as a ramp, propelling the vehicle upwards and forward. This not only provides a false sense of protection but also increases the potential for vehicle damage and risks to bystanders.

S20 Failed

Efficient Installation with Enhanced Safety

While it is important to acknowledge that the C40 bollard has a larger footprint and may require the replacement of a section of sidewalk, rest assured that our team of highly skilled installers can complete the installation swiftly and efficiently. Not only will they ensure the installation process is seamless, but they will also leave the area looking better than when they arrived, all while providing the necessary level of protection.

Local Manufacturing by ANNT Bollards

Another significant advantage of the C40 bollard is its local manufacturing by ANNT Bollards. This not only supports the local economy but also allows for better quality control and assurance, and a product that is always in stock. ANNT Bollards’ commitment to producing reliable and effective protection solutions further solidifies the C40’s position as the superior choice for storefront security.

When it comes to protecting storefronts from vehicle accidents, the C40 bollard stands out as the superior choice over the S20 bollard. With its certified protection, unparalleled stopping power, and larger footprint ensuring maximum safety, the C40 offers an affordable and reliable solution for safeguarding employees, customers, and valuable assets. For occasional vehicle access, the C40 is also offered as a removable bollard. Trust in the C40 bollard by ANNT Bollards to provide the highest level of protection, ensuring peace of mind and the prevention of potential accidents.

Remember, the best protection is prevention. Contact slowry@annt.ca to schedule a free project assessment and take the first step towards securing your storefront with the C40 bollard.