ROAD BLOCKERS are built at “low outline” for limiting the depth of the basement compartment underground and to avoid the main problems of laying in presence of public services (cables ducts, drainage systems, and similar); moreover it is possible to install the road blocker “on ground level” by using a slope.
Current models are the result of our 40 years’ experience in the security field and in excess of 20 years in the specific design and manufacture of bollards.
RB1000 is the high security certified version (PAS68:2013 English Certification concerning a Crash test done with a 7500 kg truck at 80 km/h), typically used for the anti-terrorism protection at the highest levels. The 1000 series requires the installation of a basement compartment of about 400 mm; it rises from the ground 1000 mm and the lengths available are: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m (greater lengths available on request).

Bollard Use:
Control, Secure
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